Monday, April 21, 2014

Injury Causing Machines - #2 Seated Hip Abduction

Here it is, gym machine #2 to avoid - Seated Hip Abduction.  This machine has been touted as one of the best butt building machines, what it really does is build great pains in the butt.  Hip abduction (abduction – to take a body part away from the mid line) can be a very beneficial exercise for people with weak glutes/hips, runners and most lower extremity post-surgical cases.  The problem is that the majority of people who do not fall under that category have tightness in gluteal muscles such as the piriformis, gluteus maximius and gluteus medius and this machine will make it worse.  When these specific muscles become too tight they can cause nerve entrapment to the sciatic nerve which travels adjacent to them.  

If you choose to do this machine its best to do it at a lower weight for about 3 sets of 10.  Choosing to do too much weight can cause these muscles to become tight and painful.  The machine that does the opposing muscles is called the hip adduction which targets the muscles of the groin (adductors).  Seated Hip Adduction is much better because these muscles are often weak and imbalanced with the abductor muscle group.

Stay Healthy My Friends,

Dr. Todd Rodman, D.C, C.S.C.S, C.C.S.P


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