Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Natural Remedy for Occasional Low Moods to Severe Clinical Depression

There are many times where low moods/depression can be directly caused by and outside source such as bad day, tough times or frustrating events. However many times people wake up feeling unfocused, lethargic, unmotivated and depressed without any specific reason. This may be due to an internal imbalance in amino acids which can be helped easily through specific amino acid supplements. Click below to download an eBook which explains why we have low moods and teaches natural ways to boost your mood and get you feeling great.

If you have any questions about the nutritional supplementation for low mood/depression you can personally email me at or call our office at 561.313.9117

Take the quiz below to see if you would be helped with this nutritional protocol:

Complete all the following statements by writing YES or NO, based on how you have felt during the past few days.

1 I feel just as energetic as always

2 I am losing weight

3 I have dropped many of my interests and activities

4 Since my illness I have completely lost interest in sex

5 I am especially concerned about how my body is functioning

6 It must be obvious that I am disturbed and agitated

7 I am still able to carry on doing the work I am supposed to do

8 I can concentrate easily when reading the papers

9 Getting to sleep takes me more than half an hour

10 I am restless and fidgety

11 I wake up much earlier than I need to in the morning

12 Dying is the best solution for me

13 I have a lot of trouble with dizzy and faint feelings

14 I am being punished for something bad in my past

15 My sexual interest is the same as before I got sick

16 I am miserable or often feel like crying

17 I often wish I were dead

18 I am having trouble with indigestion

19 I wake up often in the middle of the night

20 I feel worthless and ashamed about myself

21 I am so slowed down that I need help with bathing and dressing

22 I take longer than usual to fall asleep at night

23 Much of the time I am very afraid but don’t know the reason

24 Things which I regret about my life are bothering me

25 I get pleasure and satisfaction from what I do

26 All I need is a good rest to be perfectly well again

27 My sleep is restless and disturbed

28 My mind is as fast and alert as always

29 I feel that life is still worth living

30 My voice is dull and lifeless

31 I feel irritable or jittery

32 I feel in good spirits

33 My heart sometimes beats faster than usual

34 I think my case is hopeless

35 I wake up before my usual time in the morning

36 I still enjoy my meals as much as usual

37 I have to keep pacing around most of the time

38 I am terrified and near panic

39 My body is bad and rotten inside

40 I got sick because of the bad weather we have been having

41 My hands shake so much that people can easily notice

42 I still like to go out and meet people

43 I think I appear calm on the outside

44 I think I am as good a person as anybody else

45 My trouble is the result of some serious internal disease

46 I have been thinking about trying to kill myself

47 I get hardly anything done lately

48 There is only misery in the future for me

49 I worry a lot about my bodily symptoms

50 I have to force myself to eat even a little

51 I am exhausted much of the time

52 I can tell that I have lost a lot of weight

Compare your answers to those listed below and give yourself on point each time your answer is the same. Any score greater than ten reveals some degree of depression, and the severity of the depression increases with the score.

1 No

2 Yes

3 Yes

4 Yes

5 Yes

6 Yes

7 No

8 No

9 Yes

10 Yes

11 Yes

12 Yes

13 Yes

14 Yes

15 No

16 Yes

17 Yes

18 Yes

19 Yes

20 Yes

21 Yes

22 Yes

23 Yes

24 Yes

25 No

26 Yes

27 Yes

28 No

29 No

30 Yes

31 Yes

32 No

33 Yes

34 Yes

35 Yes

36 No

37 Yes

38 Yes

39 Yes

40 Yes

41 Yes

42 No

43 No

44 No

45 Yes

46 Yes

47 Yes

48 Yes

49 Yes

50 Yes

51 Yes

52 Yes

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