Sunday, August 7, 2011

HCG Diets - Are They Safe?

HCG supplements combined with extremely low calorie diets have become a big trend in weight loss. With the short period of time that it has been around no one truly knows about the safety of these diets. Here is what we do know:

Most people know of HCG as the "pregnancy hormone" or the hormone that makes the EPT result in a positive test when it is detected in the urine. Our body views pregnancy as a foreign invader and it would attack the embryo in the absence of HCG. HCG disguises the embryo so that our immune system will not attack and degrade the trophoblastic protein layer allowing the embryo to mature. HCG is also used as a cancer screening test because it will be elevated in urine and blood when a tumor is present. Cancer, similar to pregnancy, is viewed as a foreign invader but is disguised by HCG which promotes its ability to grow. Research shows that HCG compromises the immune system and may promote cancer. I believe there are many other forms of weight loss that are much safer and will produce great results as well without the risk of cancer or decreased immunity.

Attached is an article called "HCG for weight loss - not a prudent idea" by Ralph W. Moss, Ph.D which explains more in depth about HCG for weight loss.

Best Regards,

Dr. Todd Rodman, DC CSCS

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