Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dental Hygiene Vs. Spinal Hygiene

Why is it that we take better care of our teeth than we do our spines? Dental hygiene is when we go for routine dental checkups regardless of mouth pain to make sure that there is no tooth decay, gum recession, plaque buildup, etc…. So why do we ignore our spine health until our “back goes out”? Our spine is the armor that protects our spinal cord. We usually take our spinal health for granted until we have symptoms such as severe pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, loss of organ/bowel/bladder function and even paralysis.

Think of Chiropractic as practicing spinal hygiene. Our spine is healthy when it moves properly. Regular Chiropractic checkups can help you get more pain free mileage out of your spine. Our spinal discs are nourished by the movement of each vertebrae. When we have an injury, joint/muscle stiffness, scoliosis, live a sedentary lifestyle, etc… our spines lose mobility and do not pump fluid into the discs (imbibition). This causes the discs to eventually dehydrate (desiccation) which can lead to painful tearing of the disc, disc herniations and arthritis of the spine. Become more aware of your spine health and your back will not get on your NERVES!

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Dr. Rodman


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